Do you often ignore your bathroom space? Have the walls your bathroom become dull and lifeless? Do you always consider it as a simple space for taking bath and washing clothes?

A large number of home owners often do not give any serious thought to how much they can get from this space called bathroom. With a very little contemplation on this area, you can convert your bathroom into your personal spa.


plywood for bathroom

Plywood-made bathroom panels can be the best replacement for tiles

Given below are some of the considerations that you must take seriously-

  1. It is all in the Mirrors

One technique that works incredibly well for any small- sized bathroom is the strategic use of mirrors. Making a use of large mirrors inside the bathroom will enable you to create and experience the feeling of a bigger space. It will also enable you to make your bathroom look less cramped. Additionally, for the shower area, you can go for glass partition. It will make sure that the space seems bigger than usual.

  1. Take the lighting seriously

With the help of appropriate lighting arrangement, you can give your bathroom a brighter look. Lighting is one of the key factors that create a spa-like ambience inside your space. Go for lighting fixtures which can be dimmed or adjusted at your command. It will also create a highly relaxing atmosphere. If you have access to natural light in your bathroom, then use it as much as you can. And, in case you don’t have that, then use artificial lighting for brighter ambience. To serve this purpose effectively, subtle crystal lighting fixtures can add more light and character to your bathroom.

  1. Use high quality plywood bathroom panels

Bathroom panels are essentially a replacement for bathroom tiles, typically falling into 2 main categories – plywood based and UPVC based. Both of them use a groove and tongue joint offering so many advantages over the conventional tiles. The panels made of the best plywood for bathroom are easily available in the market. They are easier to install than their counterparts and offer complete peace of mind for years. What you need to do is – just choose the products of a leading plywood manufacturer in India.