Be it hotels, restaurants or resorts, all of them always strive hard to offer the best experience to their guests by keeping pace with the latest trends in everything including furniture. If you are also the owner of any establishment in hospitality sector, then go through the following hospitality outdoor furniture trends for the ongoing year to make your establishment simply a cut above.

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Trend # 1: Go green and/or blue

Colours have a deep psychological impact on people’s minds making their stay simply awesome and unforgettable. So, while planning the outdoor areas, be strictly choosy about colours. As per the psychological studies on colours, yellow, red, blue, green and purple are well known for generating positive vibes. As per the latest trends, this is the year of blue and green derivatives like aqua, sea foam and drab green. These vibrant colours represent nature and serenity respectively. Therefore, making them a part of your outdoor furniture sets, will not only please the guests’ state of mind, but also give the garden or patio a fresh new look.

Trend # 2: Prefer maintenance-free plywood furniture

For all outdoor spaces in your hospitality establishment, go for maintenance-free furniture which is made from the best plywood for furniture. It will be a right move to offer classy and comfortable outdoor experience for your guests.  The modern engineered wood stuff produced by the best plywood manufacturers in India require minimum maintenance, apart from offering unmatchable strength and resistance against weather, termites and rust. There are plywood manufacturers in India like Sarda (Duro) offering almost all its products with lifetime warranty.

Trend # 3: Mixing outdoors and indoors together

It may come to you as a surprise that outdoor furniture can be utilized on the inside also, just like it is used outside. So, going beyond the conventions and breaking the boundaries between indoors and outdoors to mix up both the spaces may also be a great option. And of course, it works when done smartly. Opening the indoors to the outdoors provides you with additional space while creating total conformity in your premises.

Fortunately, these 3 trends once done smartly, not only save your time and money, but also keep your guests pleasantly engaged and appreciative towards the settings offered by you to them.