Regardless of the fact that how frequently the bathroom in your home is used, you would be highly surprised to know that it is probably the most neglected space from a decorative perspective. While you might freshen up your living room furniture regularly with a sophisticated polish or lick of paint, the furniture in bathroom usually becomes a victim to long wait for a revamp. With designer furniture taking centre stage in modern bathroom trends, your existing bathroom furniture might give you an outdated look and feel.

plywood for bathroom

Bathroom is probably the most neglected space in homes from a decorative perspective

The given below signs will give you the notice that you need a bathroom makeover-

1-Outdated Units

Start by minutely assessing the look and feel of each piece of furniture you have in your bathroom, including everything right from cabinets and storage units to vanity units. Take a comprehensive look at these pieces and figure out whether these furniture units are ruining the look and feel of your existing bath suite, just like being either in a contrasting finish or created from an old-fashion conventional wood, in place of high quality waterproof plywood for bathroom.

2-Color Scheme

There was a time when brown and peach colored bath suites were at the apex of popularity. Even modern and designer inspired pieces of furniture having dated colored bath suite can never achieve the required contemporary style which you are aiming for. As a solution, it would be ideal to refurbish your bathroom with a contemporary modern suite, particularly in a design or colour that complements your existing furniture units.

3-Continuous Leakage

One of the principal reasons behind the bathroom furniture starting to look aged is water damage which can build up over the years. The damage caused by water can slowly develop in case you have any leaks inside the bathroom. With time, this can take its toll on your furniture, particularly the vanity units which hold a basin. You must know that leaks may develop anywhere inside your bathroom ruining the cabinets or storage units. If you find that the damage is fully irreparable, it’s time to replace the existing units made with high quality waterproof plywood for bathroom that can help you overcome the leakage problem for life.