The definitions of furniture have drastically changed from being an element of value and longevity to a modern representation of furnishing items. In the recent past, the rise of user-friendly, compact and stylish furniture has been immensely observed because people are very much concerned about the utilization of space and the portability of furniture. This evolution has triggered the following in the modern furnishing world-

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The trend for user-friendly, compact and stylish furniture is on high rise

  1. Evolution of modern furnishing design

Modern designs have evolved from the combination of several factors or amalgamation of different influences. From the high level creativity of different designers to prominent and useful furnishing methods and structures, so many furniture defining techniques and trends have come up to the fore.

  1. Materials used in modern furnishing design

Wood used to be probably the most widely used furnishing material, but with technical upgradation and easy availability of high quality plywood for home and office, produced by the top plywood brands in India has made it possible to create furniture with outstanding attributes. Modern furnishing trends are a mixture of both science and art nicely put together to reflect dynamism like never-before.

  1. Popularity and reflections of global furniture styles

There has been a strong demand for artistically designed furniture items, but they are also being challenged by new materials, trends and the creative spark of the Europeans. There has also been an incredible rise in the design inspired from the African and Japanese origins. You can very easily see the furniture items in hotels, homes and offices in India which are built taking inspiration from global furniture trends.

Needless to say, the advent of engineered wood (Plywood) has made it possible to make furniture as per one’s desire. Think of furniture, just think of plywood.  Sarda Plywood is a 60+ years old company which is well-known as the best plywood manufacturer in India dominating the plywood market with its world-class quality product offerings.