Furniture is an essential part of each and every home. With regular use, it loses its finish and start looking shabby and a little bit unpleasant. Given below are 4 DIY tips that will enable you to get back the lost finish of your furniture in almost an effortless manner-

best quality plywood

‘DIY’ activities are interesting for their creative and immediate output rendering nature

1. Clean it with care 

Make use of lukewarm water and mild dish soap to clean your furniture. Normal water can also be used to clean your furniture, but be careful about not soaking it. However, the furniture made of the best quality plywood can withstand all the effects of watery conditions. Use an old toothbrush for the areas which are hard-to-get. You can wipe the dirt off the surface using a soft piece of cloth or paper towels till the target gets fairly clean. Then, take another piece of soft cloth and dry off the residual moisture.

2. Apply high quality soft paste wax

After the cleaning job, the best way to care for the finish of furniture is to make use of a high quality soft paste wax. Just apply a very thin coat as per the direction given on the label. Wait for 5 minutes and buff lightly using a very soft (shoe) brush or cloth. Then wait for 1 hour and do buffing again with a little bit more vigour, just to see an absolutely beautiful shine returning to the finish that is sure to last for many months to come.

3. Keep the furniture away from direct sunlight

Always try to keep all the pieces of your wooden furniture away from direct sunlight. The heat or temperature during the scorching summer season coming through a window can go beyond the harmful limits. It may cook all the fine finishes, while fading and destroying them to a great degree, and just drying out and shrinking the wood which ultimately causes cracks. However, the pieces of furniture made of high quality plywood for home can combat this challenge very well.

As a common practice, don’t place your furniture just close to vents or heating units. Dry heat always causes the wood to get dried and shrunk while leaving cracks. If possible, use a high quality humidifier during the drier months to keep the moisture level up to the 35 to 40 percent.

4. Make use of appropriate quick-fix touch ups

In case, you are in need of a quick-fix touch up, please make use of appropriate colour shoe polish on chips and scratches, particularly to make them less visible on furniture. Carefully applying a matching-colour felt-tip marker first, will very effectively hide them even better.


The above-mentioned 4 tips describe fully ‘DIY’ activities which you can very easily manage to perform without anybody’s help. What’s more, once you start performing them, your interest in the job will start growing more and more due to its creative and immediate output rendering nature.