Wondering how to perform a renovation job on a small modular kitchen? Renovating it to look more spacious and appealing, yet uncluttered is not that much difficult. Here is a set of some easy-to-use tips, quick fixes and practically proven design ideas that will surely enable you to revamp your small kitchen to give it a whole new look.

plywood for kitchen cabinets

Keeping undue cabinets in the kitchen will make it look more box-like and mechanical

  1. Open Shelves

The best way to make a display of your cutlery and crockery sets is to bring in the concept of open shelves. Having unnecessary cabinets in your kitchen will only make it look more box-like and mechanical. Place all implements in the open and swank them. With this, your kitchen will not only look more spacious, but it will also have ample vibrancy of colours to the space, particularly when you have bone china crockery sets and other ceramics inside the kitchen.

  1. Mix-and-Match Materials

Another stunning design idea to successfully accomplish the small kitchen renovation job is using varied materials inside the kitchen. If you are choosing a granite counter-top, you might wish to perfectly match it with the colour of the cabinets made from waterproof plywood for kitchen. This will turn your kitchen into a unique looking space as it will visually blow up the overall look and feel of the space. Use high quality plywood for kitchen cabinets, metals or laminates in such a way that they can perfectly balance the overall space inside the kitchen.

  1. Include Glass

In case you are running short on budgets, then for a good kitchen renovation job, glass is the perfect makeover tool which can help in an impressive visual expansion of the space inside your kitchen. A glass door cabinet or island counter-top can also be very tricky for a kitchen which is built in smaller spaces.

  1. Light up the Kitchen

Proper lighting plays a very pivotal role in determining and defining the size of any space inside your home, including the kitchen. A yellow hue light offers a more contrasting effect, as it shadows the space under the cabinets just contrary to the common lighting. You might wish to install this type of lights under the cabinet base, pointing towards your counter-top turning your cooking into a visually pleasant experience.