If you have no prior experience of working with professional interior decorators, then it may prove to be a real eye-opening experience for you once you begin working with them. Not each and every interior decorator and project is of similar nature, every decorator has his own way of working, and every project has different requirements.

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Be honest with the decorator about your original feelings

Here are 4 crucial guidelines to proceed with these professionals-

  1. Express your ideas, needs and styles

Since you are hiring an interior decorator for the first time, giving full freedom of doing whatever he wants, then it is necessary for you to make sure that you are having proper communication with him in terms of your own needs along with thought process. If you have some certain styles in mind for the décor job to be done, then please ensure to narrate them to the decorator. Also, make sure the decorator is grabbing the gist of whatever you have expressed to him.

  1. Set a firm budget

Setting a firm budget with the decorator is one of the prerequisites to enjoy complete peace of mind, during and after your project is finished. If you do not do so, you will find yourself spending much more than expected before the completion of the project. Please tell him that you are not going to cross the limits of the set budgets under any circumstances. Get this budget amount documented so that you can have a feeling that the decorator also knows about it. All this is necessary because interior decoration is a job that crosses the budget limits in more than 90% cases.

  1. Be honest on your part

If the designer does not come up with a decorating plan that you are not feeling good about, then just tell him very frankly about it. Never accept a plan just because you are a soft hearted person and don’t want to hurt someone’s feelings. Always remember that it is your home where the work has to be done, and it is you who have to live in it. Be honest with the decorator you have hired about your original feelings. If you behave with him straightforwardly, you will never have to repent upon your decision.

  1. Have your involvement throughout

It is also necessary for you to be involved in the project at each and every step. These days, the use of high quality plywood for furniture is a common sight in interior decoration. Needless to say, no interior decoration job is done without the applications of plywood these days. At least, have some knowledge about the best plywood companies in India, even if you have given all the responsibilities to the decorator.