Plywood household furniture is an investment, which could last a lifetime when taken care of properly. In this blog post, we have rigorously constructed a list of proven household furniture tips which will surely keep your home furniture better looking and performing great for years ahead. Below are 4 simple furniture care tips when followed everyday will keep your furniture not only looking new, but also incredibly durable.

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When taken care well, plywood furniture lets you enjoy complete peace of mind for life

Tip #1- Give it the care it needs

The very first thing to keep your household furniture in the pink of condition is to try to give it the proper care it needs, and the routine maintenance it requires. It is of crucial importance to clean the furniture regularly and to fix broken parts before they are exposed to termites & borers.

Tip #2-Dusting the furniture at least once in a week

Dust regularly – I have to lay much stress on this. People generally buy an excellent piece of home furniture and ignore its cleaning. Not necessarily daily, but you must do the dusting at least once in a week. Gathering of dust not only gives your home furniture a dirty look, but also damages the surface & its life span.

Tip #3-Use a very light mixture of soap and water

If your home furniture ever becomes smutty, just clean it. Grab a very gentle rag or sponge and dampen it lightly in a mixture of soap and water. Be careful, you don’t have to get it too damped, since you want to avoid saturation of wood with water. It may harm your home furniture either by bending it or destroying its finish. Apart from this, do not make use of any hard soap; instead utilize a non-alkaline centered soap.

Tip #4- Be careful about the adverse weather conditions

Humidity plays a great role in the overall age or durability of your home furniture. For that reason, you must be particular about maintaining a natural environment which is appropriate for your home furniture. This is extremely important if you are residing in a hot humid area; just make an attempt to conserve humidity level between 25 and 35%. This ensures the wood doesn’t dry up. Also, try to keep the furniture away from direct sunlight, simply because over time, the furniture could dry out to extreme limits and may whiten the wood. However, the home furniture made of the best plywood for home in India can easily combat all these challenges.