It is now an open secret that storage spaces are really very hard to come by, particularly when you are living in the metro cities where bedrooms are very small in size and the closets are almost nonexistent. But there are ways to get around which hack your space, and one of the best ways is to go for a storage bed.

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Customized beds are an ideal choice for low closet spaces

Needless to say, you can shove storage bins under your regular bed, but beds which have built-in storage tend to be sleeker and more aesthetic while keeping your stuff fully hidden. Here, you will know about some beds which come with different types of inbuilt storage options-

1. Platform Cubby Bed
In this bed, the cabinet doors are perfectly suitable for stashing the things away, and in case you do not have the things to store for longer times, you can just place books and similarly cool things getting a clear display in the cubbies.

2. Border Storage Platform Bed
Border storage platform beds prove to be perfectly suitable when you don’t need lots of storage space, but at the same time you don’t have a designated space for bookcase. If that is the case with you, just get a border storage platform bed made from the best hardwood plywood for furniture. This type of bed is ideal for storage of books and other knickknacks as well.

3.Brimnes Storage Bed
Brimnes storage beds have cubbies on the sides and drawers underneath. Brimming with ample storage capacity, this bed is an ideal choice for all those running short of space.

4. Zena Storage Platform Bed
Zena storage platform beds are an ideal pick if you’re looking for the modern farmhouse like vibe in your home settings.

As far as the construction material for the customized making of all the above-mentioned storage beds is concerned, plywood scores heavily over all other materials. There are plywood companies in India which manufacture all types of plywood including plywood for kitchen cabinets, plywood for bed base and best quality plywood for kitchen. Sarda Plywood Industries Limited (SPIL) is the most formidable leader among them.