Whether you live in a luxury apartment or in a moderate sized flat, the struggle for finding more space never comes to an end. The given below ideas will smartly enable you to get more out of your small spaces and combat space management challenge as well-

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Getting more out of your small spaces needs only some interest and planning

1. Shrink your dining table

The small round tables placed inside your home are not only for breakfast nooks. What you should do is just ditch the huge-sized dining table and reward yourself with some extra space. Just go for a small, round dining table. It would be much better if you opt for a customized table made from the best quality plywood in India.

2. Mount your TV strategically

A media console in almost every home is considered to be the biggest space killer, particularly in a small living set-up. Therefore, mounting your TV needs some planning. Just install it on the wall or above a fireplace, and you will be successfully regaining the required floor space.

3. Bring home a day bed

Bring home a day bed to see your bedroom getting almost double in size. If there’s no designated guest room in your home, a day bed can also be a part of your living room.

4. Create zones

Give enough thoughts to all the things that you carry out in different spaces including work, sleep, eat and relax. Create separate zones for each of these activities. Use curtains to make such zones, place table and chair as per the availability of space.

5. Do Double Duty

The pieces of furniture which can serve multiple purposes play a pivotal role in better space management. Place a customized table which can function both as a dining table and a desk. Install a deep sofa which can also be used as a guest bed. Buying cubes is also a great idea, as it will serve both as a coffee table and bonus seats, particularly when guests are in. There are plywood companies in India that produce high quality plywood to serve your purpose of getting customized pieces of furniture.