Counterfeit furniture available in the markets often tends to have plastic stuff. Although, leather can seem to be of good quality, there are manufacturers who don’t carry out the textile manufacturing process in an appropriate manner. Poorly created material tends to crack and break faster than pure leather. It also fades very quickly than specially modified materials and fabrics used as essential part of furniture.

Plywood manufacturer

Construction material plays a pivotal role in determining the quality of furniture


Reputed furniture manufacturers always ensure that all the corners and edges have been tucked and secured well by utilising certain sewing techniques or industrial stapling. In case, the corners of the fabric peek out, it simply means that particular piece of furniture is not properly checked and inspected before being dispatched. You will also not be able to see and inspect any of the staples because of their invisible appearance.

Frame or Structure

Needless to say, furniture comes at a robust price and it is a long term asset which cannot be changed every now and then. On the styling front, it must be in a frame or structure that can stay in fashion while maintaining its relevance for many years to come.


The furniture manufacturers often weld or join different parts together in an appropriate manner. A perfect weld never breaks when dropped. If different pieces have been fixed together with a nail, then you would need to hit the pieces hard to test the quality. In case, you find them moving around easily, it simply means all the nails and screws have not been fixed properly.

Construction Material

Last but not the least important factor regarding the quality testing of any kind of furniture is construction material. These days, furniture made of high quality plywood for home or office is considered not only to be trending but also durable and reliable. And, the only criterion to test the quality of plywood is to gain at least some basic knowledge about it. You will be able to test plywood only when you are well informed about it. Following the blog of India’s leading Plywood manufacturer Like Sarda Plywood can serve your purpose well in this regard.