Living room is a place where you hang out, flop down. Read books, watch movies, munch your cheat meals and get entertained. With so much happening, it’s difficult to keep that place neat, beautiful and chic. But here, are 5 secrets which will make your messy den turn into an elegant space in no time.

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Avoid placing furniture right against the wall unless the space is very small

1. Focal Point
One of the most significant things to be considered while deciding upon the perfect placement of furniture in a living room is to decide upon a focal point. The very first thing to be taken into consideration is the architectural focal point that may be a fireplace, a window, major door like French doors or sliding glass doors. Once you are done with the focal point, all other things inside the room will take their place based on the focal point itself.

2. Seating placement
Now, the piece of furniture which is largest in size will require to be placed just opposite to your focal point. This placement should be made in an angle-driven way, in case you have any angle in the ceiling or walls. Don’t place furniture right against the wall unless the space is very small. In fact, the placement of furniture away from the walls inclines to make any space feel larger. Here, customized pieces of furniture made of the best plywood for home can also serve your purpose in an efficient manner.

3. Tables and other furniture
Once the seating is appropriately done, the coffee tables and end tables must be placed accordingly, generally with an end table between the love seat and sofa. The coffee table must be placed right against the sofa with sufficient space to walk easily between the table and sofa. Make sure that you are leaving enough space to have easy walk through the room, but not straight through.

4. Lighting
The next task involves the proper selection of lighting. Hanging lights, table lamps and floor lamps are good to be used, but all of them need to be chosen to perfectly fit the size and space of the area. If tables and other pieces furniture made of the best quality plywood in India have been placed appropriately, then the placement of lamps must be properly spaced diagonally across the room, providing evenly balanced lighting.

5. Accessories
Last, but not the least important thing to do while decorating your living room is the arrangement of accessories. These include different art objects that you can set on the tables or shelves. This would also include artificial flower arrangements, books, small pictures, candlesticks, glassy or pottery objects.