A large number of parents concentrate only on design more than anything else while designing the bedroom for their kids. But, to make the bedroom a safe and sound heaven for your babies, you need to go extra mile. An ideal bedroom for your infants is not all about just design, it is about their exact needs, safety and comforts.

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More than just design, an ideal bedroom for infants is all about safety, needs and comforts.

You must know that bedroom is considered to be the safest place on earth for your babies. Given below are some tips that can help you to make the bedroom for your kids safer and more comfortable-

  1. Choose appropriate crib set

Choose the right kind of crib set first. While some parents make use of bassinet mattress, others like cribs. As per the analysis of sleep experts, bassinet gives the infants a secured feel. On the other hand, the cocoon-shaped arrangement gives them a feel like they are still in the womb of their mother.

  1. Use neutral and vibrant colours

While painting the room, make use of a combination of neutral and vibrant colours. Vibrant colours, on the one hand, stimulate the infant’s brain, whereas neutral colours enable them to sleep better. Green, yellow, pink and blue are some of the most recommended colours to be applied during the designing of infants’ bedroom.

  1. Make use of quick-dry paints

Always make use of quick-dry paints that produce no smell and contain no toxic chemicals. These paints may cost you more than the regular ones, but they come with safer ingredients.

  1. So many pillows make no sense

Do not place so many pillows in the infant’s crib. Always use smaller bolsters and position them on the edges of the crib. Use one small and very lighter pillow to cradle the head of the baby.

  1. Keep the space properly ventilated

The bedroom of your babies must be properly ventilated. You can go for a high quality room thermometer to check the humidity level inside and to ensure that the room temperature is perfectly conducive for sleeping.

  1. Go for customised furniture

Last but not the least important factor is – you may be in need of some pieces of customised furniture made from the best plywood for home. At this juncture, don’t hesitate in seeking advice from a professional interior designer to make the bedroom of your babies a safe heaven, all the way.