Great and inspiring room/home decoration does not always cost a fortune. What you need is some pragmatic ideas that involve only a little bit creativity and interest for interior designing. In today’s post, I am providing you with some no-cost decorating ideas to give your space a whole new and refreshing look-

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A little creativity and interest for interior designing can transform your space

1. Pile on the Pillows

Nothing gives a cosier feel inside a room than a pile of pillows. Collect pillows and arrange them on the sofa to add vibrancy of colours and absolute comfort. Go for pillows which have varied patterns in complementary colours to offer a perfectly mismatched look

2. Take the Curtain Call

A high ceiling with strategic window treatments makes a room seem taller when the curtain rod is installed above the window frame. It is also necessary for the draperies to graze the bottom line of the window sill or the floor.

3. Up Close and Personal

Nobody likes a wallflower, particularly when it comes to home furniture. Moving furniture away from the wall makes a room seem bigger and encourages spaciousness. Furniture sourced from the top plywood brands in India can help you better personalize the things.

4. Table Tricks

In case, you have a dining table that is too small for so many accents, add a little bit elegance to it with a table runner. Make use of a pretty patterned fabric scrap or an oversize scarf.

5. Focused Design

If your room is not a natural attention grabber, then create it in that way. Just pair an artwork or mirror with a console table, shelves or bench to create a point of interest or focal point inside the room.

6. Thoughtful Display

Greeting cards are considered to be the perfect pieces of artwork. Make a no-cost display of each and every birthday and holiday greetings you’ve gathered, by clipping them to a string and hanging. For an extra bonus, when you are feeling dejected and downcast any particular day, then just pull a card from the display and go through it for an instant boost.

7. Window Dressings

Manage unruly curtains with ribbon, belts or scarves. Making use of a scarf as a tie-back simply adds interest and color to your window treatment.