Moving to a new home offers you great opportunity to reconsider your individualized needs. Here are a few crucial tips, hints and ideas that will enlighten you more about these reconsiderations, including decoration, functions, and size. You can play well with a variety of colours (throw rugs, pillows, art, wall paints), while making things either bigger or smaller as per your needs.

waterproof plywood for kitchen

Appropriately designed and decorated homes reflect the way you live

Given below are some important essentials that can perfectly complement your new home-

  • A Comfy Bed

You are perhaps going to keep it for at least 10-12 or more years, therefore, try to get the best possible one. Queen sized (60″x80″) may be quite an ideal choice. If you want to go unconventional and more customised, then getting a personalized one made from high quality plywood for bed is the only option left.

  • A Dining Table

It must fit the room well, leaving sufficient space to walk around freely. Calculate how many people at a time you might have for dinner. If you are running short of space, then get a dinette set and utilize saw horses, a sheet of the finest quality plywood along with a table cloth for when your guests visit.

  • Dining Chairs

These are the principal workhorses of any dining room. The lower rungs make them sturdier but less formal. You can have some extra multipurpose chairs also to serve your purpose when needed.

  • A Chest of Drawers

Yes, you are going to use it for placing socks and some certain garments, but if the style is quite flexible, it surely proves its utility inside a home. You can also use a long chest in place of a sofa table.

  • A Good Sofa

Match the legs of your sofa with other pieces of living room furniture. Get loveseats, because they are small in size, and will offer you more flexibility in arranging your room better, but these may be less comfortable when used as an emergency guest bed.

  • Go Personalised

Under any condition or situation, customised furniture always makes a better sense when it comes to arranging the things better in a new home. These days, all the leading plywood manufacturers like Sarda Plywood offers world’s finest plywood for personalized applications like plywood for bed base, plywood for walls and many other uses. You can go for it as per your requirements.