Wood, despite the rise of aluminum, glass and steel, still remains the favorite material for all types of furniture. In colder geographical regions, entire homes are built of wood because of their insulating properties. Traditional European interiors reflect extensive use for floor, furniture and wall paneling, giving a rich, warm and elegant look.

Boiling Waterproof Grade Plywood

The best way to recreate the allure of wood in your home is the use of ply

One way to recreate the rich warm look is to use traditional stuff; and saw, plane and polish each piece to perfection. Another easier way to recreate the allure of wood in your homes is through the use of ply. Plywood is available in commercial, boiling waterproof and marine grades, each with specific applications for specific purposes.

For most purposes, boiling waterproof grade plywood with a veneer of real hardwood will serve the purpose if you desire the traditional grain finish. These veneered hardwood ply can be easily sanded and polished to high gloss and they can even be cut to different shapes and patterns before being finished. A coat of melamine or PU resin prevents stains and gives a lasting warm look typical of grain.

Lay out the floor using marine grade plywood with a natural grain veneer and it will last forever besides being termite resistant. Similarly, you can cover the walls with the same sheets and you need not repaint it each year while enjoying the comforting glow of natural grain finishes reflecting light and creating a cozy atmosphere.

Furniture made of BWP grade need not be laminated when it has a beautiful grain finish enhanced with transparent NC lacquer. When you use plywood for the natural wood look inside your homes, you are free of worries such as warping, shrinkage and cracks. Besides, there is uniformity since there are no knots and similar imperfections to worry about. Wood, as you will see, creates the perfect, warm and cozy ambience that glass and steel or laminated or painted furniture profusely lack.