When you are willing to make your old home look just like new, renovating it in a perfect manner could be very challenging particularly when you want to opt for a modern design, but without compromising with the conventional classic beauty of its interiors.

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With plywood furniture, you can renovate your house without disturbing its classic beauty

In today’s post, I am offering you some effective tips on how you can remarkably incorporate ultra modern elements into your interiors while maintaining the old classic touch in a harmonious way-

Play around Whites and Beiges

Work with colours as much as you can. Popular colours these days fall in the monochromatic scheme. Beige and white are overwhelming as they cheerfully brighten up any space in a contemporary way than an old 1980’s sun yellow palette. Whites and Beiges also work thoroughly with other popular colours so that no trouble comes your way while complementing them with other accessories.

Add architectural elements to add extra beauty

Architectural elements add incredible beauty to any interiors. The mouldings and old brown trims in any home are surely among its most attractive and appealing features. It would be great to paint them white. Thus, they will serve your purpose as an accent without being so overpowering in appearance. As far as tiles in the kitchen and bathroom are concerned, do not change them all. Just remove a few and replace with some pristine ones having modern textures.

Get rid of your old dark-coloured wooden furniture

Just do away with the old dark-coloured pieces of wooden furniture that gives unusual looks to you and your visitors. Most renovation experts would suggest you the same. Scrub them with the sandpaper lightly. It will create a shabby but elegant appearance, while brightening up your space well. On the other hand, if you want a distinguished change in the furniture settings inside your home, then go for some readymade or customised pieces of furniture made of high quality plywood sourced from the top plywood manufacturer in India. Plywood furniture can play a crucial role in renovating and transforming the interiors of your home without disturbing its classic beauty.