Needless to say that designing small apartments is both tricky and intriguing. When you’re dealing with strictly limited square footage, you need to scale back your design strategy and elements to make sure they work in an efficient manner with the available space. In this post, you will get to know about how you can cope with the lack of space while designing your interiors-

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Customised furniture can efficiently help you cope with the lack of space

1.   Avoid buying furniture that’s too big to adjust

Whenever you’re experimenting with a small apartment, it makes perfect sense to opt for furniture which is equally small. While this idea makes an ideal sense to a certain point, there are homeowners who make the mistake of by buying oversized furniture. In this situation, it’s important to be particular about scale and proportion. Buying appropriately sized furniture is all about taking correct measurements before making any move for furniture.

2. Be particular about the proportions

When contemplating over your perfect measurements for furniture, it’s crucial to keep a 2/3 proportion under consideration. Just begin by measuring the room in totality and work backward from there. For instance, ideally, the length of your sofa must take up around 2/3 of the closest wall. After this, your coffee table must be around 2/3 as long as the sofa. This proportion works absolutely well regardless of which part of the home you’re working on. You must have your bed-frame cover approximately 2/3 of the room, along with your dining table or other anchoring pieces.

3. Be choosey about primary and secondary pieces of furniture

Once you’ve gone for the 2/3 proportion rule to select the main furniture, it’s time to replete the space with petty pieces of furniture made using high quality plywood for home. These pieces include items such as end tables or buffets, and anything which coordinates with the primary furniture, but isn’t absolutely necessary to put function of the space on the go!

4. Going customized is a great idea

Going customized is definitely a great idea, particularly for those who are confronting the lack of space. Customized furniture allows you to keep a perfect pace with the management of space in small-sized home, flat or apartment.