Bedroom is one of the most important and visually pleasing parts of your home. So, focusing on this area will have a direct impact upon your moods. Generally, as a quick fix approach, people layer up their bedding with blankets, throws and lots of cushions. All these having different colours together create a warm ambience.

Plywood for Furniture

When your bedroom lacks in a wow factor, it’s time to do something different

When your bedroom lacks in a wow factor, it is time to do the needful. Just think of solid high quality plywood frames and luxurious hand finished bed range. The bed which is hand-crafted offers dainty detailing. A lavish bed always positions itself proudly in a bedroom with warm tones of the frame and adds a cosy feel to your bedroom.

Given below are 3 important moves that you can make to go cozy with your bedroom, especially in winters-

  1. Go Dark:

Think of cozy ambience, think of the dark! Dark accessories, dark walls, and dark lighting help create a cozy environment. As per the latest trends, you can paint all of your walls in a bolder and darker paint mixing it with metallic style accessories like gold and copper. It works perfectly well in a bedroom while creating that desired focal point. Painting the wall behind bed makes a marvelous backdrop to characterize it from the front, and permits you to hang mirrors, feature accessories and wall arts to add extra warmth to your bedroom.

Still, if you are not experiencing any wow factor, then be bold and incorporate extreme dark with black framed mirrors, black bedding and even black cushions. Dark colours are a compelling medium to draw in the ultimate feeling of coziness while remaining chic and stylish. The touches of dark hues always create a epicurean look and feel that simply bangs on the latest trends!

  1. Make Use of Mirrors and Lighting:

Strategic use of lighting and mirrors can make big difference to any bedroom. Try to add some softer lighting such as table lamps, chandeliers or good quality fairy lights. A bedside lamp equipped with a lower wattage bulb and warm tone can create a highly soft warmish glow which looks charming and delicate. Draping fairy lights around the bed or mirror create a stunning visual appearance. Chandeliers may be an ideal option to add a touch of super glam to your bedroom. Just go for a champagne, brass or gold finished chandelier to get a guaranteed warmish glow.

  1. Invest in A Bedside Table:

This is one of the very important must-haves for any bedroom. This bedside table made of the best plywood for furniture should not match to your existing furniture. If you have space on either side of the bed, the positioning of a bedside table adds warmth to the environment. Without a bedside table, your bed will offer a lonely look and the extra space out there could add a minimalist feel that can be said contrary of what you are trying to achieve.

Buy a unique, eclectic style, rustic design that offers extra elegance and charm. Then dress it up with a sophisticated bedside lamp to create a relaxing and calming atmosphere. These wonderful additions on either side of the bed can bring in a comfortable and inviting little nook which exudes the desired coziness along with style.